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At VIVERE we believe that your home influences your happiness and wellbeing.

Your home
should be your haven, a place that makes you feel good and enhances your lifestyle, a true expression of everyone who lives there.

“The unique combination of working with a Builder and Interior designer comes to no extra cost to you. Our biggest reward is the smile on your faces when we hand over the key to your truly unique quality VIVERE Home.”
How much does it cost to build a home

We build homes with budgets of anywhere between $200,000 and $1 million+. Our approach is to start with your budget, individual needs, style, ideas  and design together with you your dream home template. We always have your budget in mind and we work with a fixed price contract. You will know exactly what you get before we start.
Each custom build home will vary in cost based on a number of factors, including: 
-the size of the build 
-single or double-storey 
-appliances and fixtures you choose 
-the materials you build with 
-the block of land; sloping or flat

After talking to you, during the design stage, we will be able to give you a rough estimate on how much it will cost, (35+years of experience) however for the exact price we need to complete the design and engineering plans of your home.

For more info about the pricing of custom build homes, please feel free to give Frans or Ingrid a call 0n 07 4128 6845.

6 Reasons why you should choose a custom designed home

Your house is going to be designed to suit the block of land. The architectural design of the house and the size will feel natural on the block.  Layout / floor plans can be made to incorporate privacy etc. All natural elements can be maximised to benefit liveability and reduce ongoing electricity and maintenance cost.

You may be surprised by how competitive the price of a custom designed home can be. It is an advantage to create your home to meet your exact needs instead of having to take fixtures and fittings that come with the package.


Your house will be a one of; totally individual and the attention to every little detail throughout the Design and Build will be noticeable.

With our wealth of knowledge in sustainable building, star ratings and starting the build from scratch, we can implement eco friendly materials and use the block to full potential of all natural elements.

Natural light, passive heating and cooling, water wise plumbing design… the possibilities are endless and open for discussion.

5./MODERN FLOORPLANS; Designed to the newest idea’s
Building your house around “great rooms”, allows the family’s kitchen, living and dining spaces to come together in the heart of the HOME, designing to family interaction and contact. These spaces typically have many windows, filling them with natural light. A floor plan for an air-conditioned house is totally different to a house with natural airflow. How do you like to live, what do you prefer?


A Custom designed home will be exactly the way you want it to be!  Designed for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

We couldn’t have done it without you! 


How to budget for your build or renovation

At VIVERE we are passionate about what we do and are honest in our advise.


The main thing is that straight from the beginning, please be open to us, your Builder and Designer, and trust that we have the same outcome in mind. A beautiful, quality, personal home designed and build to your budget.  

We are there to guide you in spending your money there where you or the design benefits most from it or in case of a renovation, the often most effected area’s.

The key is talking about your wishes and dreams and being realistic about what can and can’t be done. We are there to help and guide you to an extraordinary outcome.

Working together is the key part in this aspect. 

“Your dream home can be made in a cost-effective design or using less expensive materials that still maintain the size and style you’ve always wished for.” 

Where do I start finding out what your dream home should look like

-Start by looking at your existing house and write down the likes and don't likes

-List all furniture you like to reuse with measurements

-Gather photo's from houses and rooms out of magazines or online

-Make a display folder/board to show, discuess and re-think

-Look at display homes. Write down all likes and dislikes in layout, style, etc.

-You will see that it starts to make sense to build custom design because you can have it totally the way it works for you and your family and its design to your unique taste.

-Open for inspections Real Estate

Talk to us, your Builder and Interior Designer and we will be able to make your ideas visible by using our 3D CAD drawing program. This really creates for you the visual layout and space planning. Your dream home will be “alive” before you start building it.

What material can I use

Generally speaking, you can use whatever material you want. At VIVERE we pride ourselves in BUILDING or RENOVATING with a difference with use of diverse materials and techniques.

We like to take the environment in consideration and to use eco responsible products and materials.

It is important to note that the materials and techniques used in your home will have an effect on the price of the build, using expensive materials or techniques like COPPER, will naturally increase the cost but we can endeavour to get another aspect of the design in a cheaper product to even out the end price.

Not all materials suit each other so if you have something in mind, we can sit around the table and look at option and possibilities.


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