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“ We are strong believers that your home influences general health and happiness; and therefore it is extremely important that your home is designed to suit your taste, lifestyle and budget.”

Vivere does renovations with this in mind to offer you a truly unique build that incorporates your aethstetic and functional needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

"No Job Is Too Small"

Step 1 A free of charge consultation!

Ingrid & Frans will come to your house to have a look and a chat. We get to know each other and you can tell us about your house/ plans/ room(s)/ budget/ expectation.

Step 2: Quote and scope of work

An estimate for the design/renovation work will be provided with an explanation of the expected scope of work to undertake.

After acceptance of this design/renovation estimate, the real fun can start.

Step 3: Talk, talk, and talk

Vivere Homes will come to your place to even get to know you, your house, your needs, and your vision better. We’ll ask questions. You’ll ask questions.

Great design is about getting to know the people you design for. You, your house, and how you live. How many people live at home? Do you have children?

Do you have pets? When you entertain is it usually family and friends or professional peers? Are you readers? Gradually we begin to get a picture of how you live; of course you will also have questions. We will thoroughly explain the remaining steps.

We’ll discuss costs and timelines and maybe necessary permits or official drawings involved.

Step 4: Home Consultation and signing of a Renovation Building Contract

In this step, we visit your home again to gather more detailed information. We take measurements of your space noting electrical, plumbing, load-bearing walls, bulkheads, door swings, and so on.

 Photos will be taken from every angle. Then next, we determine the 'non-negotiable' and better understand the context – the architectural style and detail of the house, the flow of the space, the natural light, and the interior style in other parts of the house.

Step 5: Plan View

Scaled preliminary plans will be developed from the room(s) involved. It is important to understand that this Plan View is a proposal. At this stage, we can easily adjust. It is the designer’s and the builder’s job to suggest alternative ways to achieve an aesthetic objective within the limitations of a project, whether it be space, timeline, or budget. Understanding what won't work is as important as knowing what will.

With our Plan View in place, we now have a decisive list to prepare us for Step 6; the Design Presentation.

Step 6: Design presentation with quotation

In this step we develop a cohesive palette of colours, materials, textures, build and finish details. We also will hand over quotes from Trade Professionals that are going to be involved in the renovation like plumbers, electricians etc. At this stage we will discuss with you what needs to be done and who is doing what; - select, source, order/purchase appliances etc.

Vivere Homes has a trustworthy team of trade’s people that we work with all the time. This way you can be assured getting the best quality, price and service for the work that needs to be done.

Step 7: Work, work, and work

Work, work, work in a tightly managed timeframe to deliver a renovation outcome that serves its owners for many years to come, the result of the effort and hard work that began when you first told us about the room(s) that you have been dreaming about.

Step 8: Final Presentation

This is the final step, and certainly the most exciting! The Builder plus Interior Designer, and, depending on the job, maybe Electrician, Plumber, Painter, Cabinet maker, Plasterer, Termite specialist, Water proofer, Glazier, Concreter etc., have all been working to help creating your Dream………….designed just for you.

Everything you are expecting, as outlined in the Design Presentation, will be delivered in time and to your budget. The most exiting thing is to see it all coming together. It can be hard to give us that trust, while you were maybe doubting if it was the perfect piece of fabric for curtains, pendant light or tiles. But…. when you see it all coming together, you know why we choose what we choose.

It will all be the way you where expecting it to be and …. Even better


29 Hennessy Drive, Dundowran, Hervey Bay, 4655

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07:00 AM - 06:00 PM


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