The clients brief was really open, but it had to be built within a tight budget. (First home-owners)

Modern, different and contemporary. Fresh, spacious and needs to have 4 bedrooms for resale value but they would like to have some rooms multi-functional for office space or media room.


The client found it very imperative to have space, light, aspect and openness as the key features of their home. Bespoke Building Design captured this beautifully in this Design and Vivere’s expertise and attention to detail, crafted it to this extraordinary build. While the building process initially involved selecting a site with views of the sea however also providing an extensive and uninterrupted tree-scape, simplicity in design was also important.


The house design needed to suit inhabitants perfectly. Connection and separation for its 5 (adult) occupants are in balance and it is a great inviting space for visitors.

This home design really shows that luxury and sustainability can co-exist. The aim is to strike a balance between environmental initiatives and exciting architecture.


This National Award-Winning home has been designed together with the young couple, taking the aspects from the block, their budget, lifestyle and specific design style as a starting point.

It was a “first homeowners” build to a tight budget home.
Dramatic square lines and a hidden roof for the architectural design. A timeless design with no eaves, no frills and very clean geometric lines.


Located beachfront, the property instantly has that open and welcoming energy. However, the garage is not getting used and sits at the very front of the property. 

The client prefers the garage to be transformed into a new Master Bedroom with ensuite. Likes; light, bright and airy with a luxurious feel but keeping the cost to a certain budget.

The back veranda also requires some much-needed TLC.


Creating a functional, easy to clean, open, stunning bathroom to capture the views of the ocean with a luxurious feel to it.

The wardrobe needs to have lots of space, where everything has its place and easy to access and overlook.


The client's concept of this home was to make it as eco-friendly and off the grid as possible. We used "weathertex" cladding on the external walls which will change naturally as time goes by. Meaning that the home will naturally blend in with its surroundings.

This home has also been constructed with two roofs that lay on top of each other creating a very cool environment inside and structurally very pleasing to the eye.

Our clients vision for eco-friendly living, with natural but modern finishes has been implemented and transformed into this dream house.


After purchasing a rough, uncontrolled block of land, the client came to us with a brief: “I would like to have my house build on top of the hill, overlooking the paddocks and feel the  connection with my horses and nature.”


The brief: Master bedroom with balcony overlooking the ocean, ensuite, walk-in robe with room for 150 pair of shoes incl. laundry Shute. The Master should be overlooking living spaces downstairs. High raked ceilings with lots of light. Contemporary but with class and style. Integrated garden designs. 3 bedrooms downstairs to be used as 1 guest room and 2 separate offices. 

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