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Vivere's Building Process

Choosing a builder isn’t easy. Investing in building a new home may be one of your biggest decisions. Not one builder suits everyone so it is really important to find the builder that suits you and your family. A builder you can trust, that helps you through all stages of building or renovating your dream home.

That's why we are with you every step of the building process. For more information you can download our home building consumer awareness guide or contact us for any inquiry's you may have

Home Building Consumer Awareness Guide

Step: 1 A free of charge meeting with the Builder and Interior Designer

We know that our total understanding of your needs drives smarter solutions. We want to find out exactly what you are looking for, ideally at the property / the site in question!

You can talk about your dream and/or wishes for you’re new to build home or renovation. We are having a chat about your family and the way you would like to live in your house. We will also investigate the block and its position.

Step 2: We invite you over to our place

We invite you over to our place for coffee and homemade Belgian Waffles to chat again about your wishes, design ideas and start creating Sketches with a rough price estimate to match your brief. We, your Builder and Interior Designer will help you to create new or discuss your existing building plans.

We are there together to talk functionality, innovation, style, exteriors and interiors and answer any questions you may have. We work with a 3D CAD Drawing program for you to visualise your Home, Kitchen, Bathroom etc.

Step 3: Develop the Design brief

Develop the Design brief and Project proposal Provide Quotations Providing a project proposal with specification If you feel confident and exited we will go further with

Step 4: Site Investigation & Concept Design

Site Investigation & Concept Design Order soil tests and surveys Get council and authority reports Develop initial concept design

Step 5 Develop Design

Develop Design, Specification and Tender Develop design for final presentation Provide siting and site works analysis Develop detailed specifications Develop fixed price tender

Step 6 Prepare Contract Documentation

Prepare Contract Documentation Prepare final working drawings for contract and construction Finalise Selection of fittings and fixtures Finalise (main) Colours and interiors Finalise Structural engineering & energy ratings. Prepare building contracts (Master Builders Contract) Apply for Building approvals etc.

Step 7 Construction On receipt of the building approval

Construction On receipt of the building approval, we will commence construction ASAP. As every one of our homes is a “one off”, the construction time varies, dependent on the design and inclusions. However, a typical built time for a two-story home of between 350 to 450 square meters is approximately six to eight months.

We will keep in touch with you all the time. Your builder is there to talk to, your Interior Designer will take you on exiting shopping sprees or invites you over to show you the newest material samples or Wholesale Designer only websites.

This building is a journey we take on together. We want you to be comfortable, getting what you expect from us. Should you wish to make any changes; a variation document will be raised, and signed by both parties.

Progress payments will vary from project to project. A typical project might have the following stages: Base stage, Frame stage, Lock up stage, Fixing stage and Final claim on completion.

Step 8 Practical Completion

Taking Possession When all work is completed you will be invited to inspect your new home with us and do a ‘walk through’. When your home has reached ‘Practical Completion’ and our office has received all outstanding monies, you will be presented with all necessary warranties, certificates and of course your personal keys.

We include a six months minor defects liability period, and six and a half year structural warranty.


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