What to consider with THE DESIGN of your new to build HOME!

Vivere Bedroom Style 2

A house should be designed to specific individual needs with attention to detail, keeping all people that live there happy and healthy.

We at VIVERE like to think that designing homes in 2018 should start with creating healthy and comfortable living spaces, taking as a starting point

YOUR family lifestyle, YOUR budget and YOUR block of land.

Painting Design

Creating the ultimate new house design;

– Looking at the family dynamics now but also the flexibility of adapting to future needs.

– A design should work practical not only on paper. Everyone has different hobbies, interests and your home should reflect these. Your heart and soul should be visible in a house design, that’s what creates that happy HOME feeling.

– Flowing Exterior and Interior spaces create a feeling of wellbeing. The simple pleasure of immersing yourselves in nature can enhance mood, sharpens thinking and memory and reduces stress and fatigue.

– Use of the right coloVivere Designur scheme not only brings value to your home, studies also show that it affects mood and belonging and therefore influences health and happiness. Working with an Interior Designer, we will steer you into a direction that suits your style and therefore your new home and not necessary the trends as these change rapidly.

– Positioning the house on the block with use of the natural elements of light, shade, sun and wind to create the perfect climate inside the home.

This is what creates a nice temperature and natural airflow. Keeping your homes and therefore yourself healthy. It will give you a maximum level of comfort inside.

– Sustainable homes are affordable! With our experience and knowledge we know what materials to use and where to look for to create the best outcomes.New Home

It might be a little bit more expensive to build (not necessary) but the long term benefits on cost saving and quality of living are more then worth it.

At VIVERE Builder and Interior Designer work together with and for you all the time.  Together we can create individual innovative design concepts, that boosts



 VIVERE; (meaning Live – lifestyle – Living)

            ”We would like to take you on a extraordinary journey to exceptional living!”