Good Ventilation, Natural light, and a Natural “Green” Feel inside are the key elements for this.


Research over the years has consistently shown that people in environments with good natural lighting are happier, calmer and more productive. This applies to homes, workplaces and retail spaces and it’s a benefit the occupants of all of these spaces love to enjoy    

These main ingredients also help with energy savings, temperature control and more.

But How can we create Better Ventilation,

More Natural Light, & an Outdoor Feel inside…

all at once….

In a new build the DESIGN is crucial;


At Vivere we believe that a house should be design to the block of land with the right orientation – key element –the right model of windows in the right spots and having the ideal size.

Therefore we are taking light, heat and cross ventilation in consideration, optimising all of the above.

Insulation and using the right materials is another important item.

Proper ventilation brings a number of benefits for a house or other building.


Taking on a renovation; choosing the right windows is important. Exhaust fans can be added, making sure that there is a balanced ventilation happening where fresh air drives though the living spaces but being separate from moist or pollutants from bathrooms and laundries.

To begin with, good ventilation is a vital element in any healthy home. When a house has good ventilation, it can help to prevent  allergies, headaches, asthma, and other conditions that are influenced by environmental factors.

A well ventilated home doesn’t just have better air quality; ventilation is also one of the key components for controlling the temperature in a home. A home that’s too hot or too cold is an uncomfortable place to be. With the right ventilation, you’ll be able to get the right temperatures.

And of course, there’s nothing worse than walking into a smelling residence. Proper ventilation is one of the key factors that helps to prevent this from occurring.


Why Natural Light is so important?

A home that’s well-lit with natural light is an inviting place. But that’s not the only benefit that comes when maximising natural lighting in a building.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of natural light is the energy savings. A house that’s well-lit during the day with natural light won’t require that lighting to be supplemented by artificial light. That means less electricity use, which in turn means a lower electricity bill – a benefit that cannot be underestimated in a world of rising energy costs. And of course, it’s also better for the environment.

Research over the years has also consistently shown that people in environments with good natural lighting are happier, healthier, calmer, and more productive. This applies to homes, workplaces, and retail spaces – and it’s a benefit the occupants of all of these spaces love to enjoy.


The View; Indoors-Outdoors

Bringing nature inside the house by using windows or glass panels in the right spots.  Being surrounded by nature is an enjoyable feature. Studies in recent years have shown that being able to visually connect with the natural world through windows has several benefits for building occupants in terms of productivity, happiness, and other positive outcomes. They also help cleaning the air and add oxygen.


VIVERE; (meaning to live – lifestyle – living)

”We like to take you on a extraordinary journey to exceptional living!”