8 Ways to create the illusion of more space

1: High Lighting Featureand light ceilings

They fool the eye and make the space appear much larger.

Also cabinetry that doesn’t go all the way up to the ceiling will create a more spacious look because of the openness between the unit and ceiling.


2: Uniform flooring

continuous flooring makes rooms look far more spacious. Don’t break up your floor plan, especially not in open plan living spaces.  Also, avoid most patterned carpets and rugs (although stripes that run vertically through the room can make the room feel longer).

3: Choose a Monochrome colour palette

These are peaceful and your eyes can go through rooms without any interruption. It works subtle and appealing, more expensive. If you want to bring attention or attraction to a certain area, through a single splash of colour in.

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4: Choose the right Furniture

Firm, solid furniture will make a space feel full and heavy. Instead choose lighter pieces or units that are raised of the ground




5:  Lighting

One of the tricks is to hang pendant lights as low as possible. This utilizes vertical spaces. It will draw the eye up and down instead of focusing on floor space.

Spreading light around to focus on the whole space and working with corner lights is clever to.

Display Home Master Bedroom6: Work with Glass

See through furniture or items remove barriers for the eye and opens up all rooms.

7: Curtains or wall Cladding

Top to floor wide curtains

Extend the rod as far as possible. This gives the feeling that the window is larger and the ceilings taller.


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8: And…. of course mirrors

They will reflect light and the room as such but be careful with what is going to be reflected before you hang them.


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