At VIVERE we really believe that your Home; your living environment have strong
impacts on you health and overall wellbeing.

I would like to talk our point of view about 2 different facets where again Building
and Interior Design go hand in hand.
– The “healthy” design & build of a home
– The “happy” personal touches to your home

Designing homes to improve Health and Wellbeing;

Often people don’t realize how the use of building products and materials and/ or
the orientation of your house on the block of land can have impact on fiscal,
physical, and psychological health.

Also the way we live in our houses and the things that we may be using or doing
can have a negative impact on the indoor environment.

Sustainable design & build techniques and materials don’t have to be more costly.

It is all about how and where they make most sense to use them. In our designs,
which we create together with you, we have a look at the block of land and
incorporate environmentally responsible materials, energy efficient techniques,
and improves indoor air quality by having the right windows in the right spots,
efficient use of water by looking at the plumbing layout, taps and appliances and
we enhance the psychological and social aspects of space. We incorporate design
elements that are supportive to efficient, healthy and eco friendly household

Preliminary Design Stage;

This what we call -preliminary design stage- when you are planning to build your
own home can be really daunting so we see people just going to a project builder
because they think they know what they are getting; house plans are pre-made
BUT……. consider the long term. A house needs to suit the block of land and YOU,
your personal you!

It all doesn’t have to be scary……

It will be an exciting experience to see your
creation growing and knowing you are able to live the way you like to live in your
We will help you all the way and creating your design doesn’t have to be more
costly. This is our passion, we do it all the time and we are experts in it.

Master Builder





You can set your budget and before you sign a contract, you will know exactly
what you are getting.Design
We hope that we can convince people about all benefits it has to design and build
a home to YOUR budget, YOUR idea’s (combine with our knowledge and
experience), and YOUR lifestyle.

Creating a Happy Home Environment – a “we feel good Home”;

A home should reflect the person – family you are, and everything from how it
looks and feels can affect your mood, productivity and even your outlook on life.

  • The first step to happier home living is getting organised
    Making your bed and cleaning your kitchen sink each morning is vital as this will
    set you up for the rest of the day and instantly raise your mood.
  • Ridding your fridge door of magnets, takeaway menus and calendars will help
    contribute to a less cluttered home as will having a big clear-out.
    Décor is just as important too and there are a number of things you can integrate
    into your home to reduce stress and lift spirits.
  • Plants and flowers will improve concentration while
    natural sunlight helps boost energyDining Room Lighting Features
    and candles will make you feel calmer and more
  • The use of colour can influence mood and equally reflects your personality.
    There are lots of ways to introduce colour into your home. Just go with your heart
    and use the shades you love.
  •  Combining modern and old, recycled pieces gives
    a room a personal touch. Collectable items are
    enhancing your memories, making you smile so
    make them part of your home. They are also a
    great talking point when friends are around.
  • What you do in your home can
    seriously impact how happy you are
    in it so spending as much time as you can with
    family and friends. Instead of watching
    television in the evening maybe you should
    make the most of family time by cooking dinner
    together, listening to music and talking.
  •  Inviting friends over to enjoy experiences in your home will encourage you
    to take more pride in how it looks and feels


“We would like as many people as possible be able to feel

the difference of living in a happy and healthy home.”

VIVERE; (meaning Live – lifestyle – Living)
”We would like to take you on a extraordinary journey to exceptional living!”