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With a growing population and a demand for more comfortable living and working spaces, we can’t close our eyes and keep designing and building the way we are used to.

We, at VIVERE Homes, we feel it is our duty and responsibility to think about the materials and structures we use in building to minimise the environmental impact while improving the comfort and performance of the buildings we create.

It is our passion to create such homes that contribute quality to the homeowners and to the beautiful world we live in and

NRG Greenboard is one of these materials…

What is NRG Greenboard?

NRG Greenboard is an insulative walling system that is developed in Germany.  NRG Greenboard has been used extensively in Europe and has been established in Australia. It is a highly energy efficient and cost-effective solution for private homes as well as commercial buildings. NRG Greenboard is also suitable in areas ranging from dry and arid environments to tropical and alpine areas.


What makes  NRG Greenboard so effective?

Greenboard is a panel that is grooved on both sides. The design allows the inside surface of the panel to breathe. This allows for the ability to channel condensation away through the groves towards the base of the walls and this is particualy useful where insulation and breather sarking is used.

Not only is NRG Greenboard a great light weight, easy to install weather-resistant product. It also has a few other benefits including:


Energy Efficient

It is an extremely energy efficient product. It works as an insulator that is perfect for the Australian climate by reducing cooling costs in summer and keeping your home warm during winter.


Environmentally Friendly

Green board is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material that requires less energy to produce than traditional building materials. The materials used to create the product contains no CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) or HCFC’s (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons). These compounds are known as ozone-depleting substances and none are used in the manufacturing process.


Fire & Termite Resistant

Greenboard is perfect for the harsh Australian environment and contains a flame retardant additive that does not support the spread of fire. Greenboard also contains a termite retardant bifenthrin.


Want to know more?

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For more information about NRG Greenboard please feel free to visit their website www.nrggreenboard.com

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