Hummock View Drive

This home design packed with clever, sophisticated design features, creating a luxurious and innovative feel to this starters market home, therefore rewarded with a Master Builders Award.

Client Brief

After purchasing a rough, uncontrolled block of land, the client came to us with a brief: “I would like to have my house build on top of the hill, overlooking the paddocks and feel the  connection with my horses and nature.”

The house needs to be part of the surroundings, simple, open, inviting and connected. I want the relaxing atmosphere of nature and the outdoors, to be part of the living spaces.


Looking at the contours of this huge block, we spend quite a bit of time with the owner to  work out the position of the home as building on a sloping block, there could be multiple  issues of natural hazards such as flooding, slippage and drainage. Also, to create maximum  comfort inside the home, the sun path and wind patterns are important. Especially being on  an open hill, you like to have the breezes through but wanting to keep hushing winds out.  

In the design, we elevated the house using the sloping block to its full potential, resulting that  all living areas and master bedroom, from all angles, the fantastic panoramic views can be  enjoyed. 

The house has been positioned to get lots of natural light in and because of the height of the  veranda roof, cross airflow makes a healthy ventilation possible to not only enjoy but helps to  reduce the energy bills as well. 

The living area is open, white and light with high ceilings and are perfectly designed for the  many artworks and travel pieces the client likes to display. 

The surrounded decks are wide, depth and heights have been worked out to perfectly get  sun inside the home in winter and shade in summer to help with the natural cooling and  warming elements of nature. These undercover patio decks have been designed on the  Northern, South Eastern and on the South Western side to sit and enjoy sun or shade in  summer or wintertime. The exterior building material used is NRG Energy Green Board, an  environmentally responsible, energy efficient building system. Together with good ceiling  insulation a high energy rating has been achieve, making sure of internal comfort all year  around. 

The shape of the house works within the slopy hills and compliments the environment.  Sitting on the huge veranda’s, ocean views in the distance have been captured and you feel  one with the horses grazing the paddocks in front. 

Making the most of this sloping block, open plan living spaces and exterior decking lead you  seamless from the indoors to outdoors. Listening to the client summery that she also enjoys a nice glass of wine with friends, in the mainly open plan living space, an inviting comfort room  has been created using warming paint colours, rugs and curtains.

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