Hidden Oasis


This National Award-Winning home has been designed together with the young couple, taking the aspects from the block, their budget, lifestyle and specific design style as a starting point.

It was a “first homeowners” build to a tight budget home.

Dramatic square lines and a hidden roof for the architectural design. A timeless design with no eaves, no frills and very clean geometric lines.

A dramatic appearance, good insulation, lots of big glass panels and sliding doors, a great connection to the outdoors; indoor/outdoor fusion, open plan living, generous room sizes and extra high ceilings.

For outside they wanted a swimming pool integrated in a tropical courtyard design
with privacy natural materials and a balanced use of white and black, timber and metal, glass and concrete.


The block had its challenges being small, north facing and having 2 easements; 1 over the full back of the block and the other one; full western boundary, leaving us limited space and aspect options to create the desired home. To resolve this problem, we created a north facing aspect and made an alfresco area, the house wrapped around it, integrated into the desired indoor-outdoor living.

It was really rewarding, to see the design coming to life but even more satisfying knowing the owners are extremely content with the living comfort of their home. The NO Eaves concept was a risk they were willing to take and with putting as many other elements in place, it has worked to create a comfortable natural indoor climate.

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