Earth House

Client's Brief

The house design needed to suit  inhabitants perfectly.

Connection and separation for its 5 (adult) occupants are in balance and it is a great inviting space for visitors.

This home design really shows that luxury and sustainable can co-exist. The aim is to strike a balance between environmental initiatives and exciting architecture.


 The house has flexibility and adaptability. Insulation and orientation creating perfect

climate control. Cross ventilation has been achieved by the use of  louvre windows and high raked ceiling.  A retractable roof  structure creates sun or shade as desired. Water tanks underneath the deck collecting rainwater for gardens and swimming pool.

The house is carefully balanced with rammed earth, natural stone, timber shake looking roof, glass and zinc cladding to complement its natural environment. Capturing the sea views through big glass sliding doors, the retractable roof and louvre windows create the perfect climate response to sun and wind conditions.

Frans and Ingrid drew on our years of (home design) experience, pioneering sustainability and environmental initiatives to create a home of the highest quality but also with an extraordinary connection to the landscape.

A rich palette of colours through use of natural interior and exterior materials creates a beautiful zen environment.

Nature has been fully integrated into the property from the outlook and position on the lofty site to the raw materials used to build the home.

Green initiatives include materials with low environmental impact such as rammed earth (walls), recycled shipping timber (roofs), zinc (cladding) and stone from the block.

Energy use is minimised through passive design strategies such as using shade, natural ventilation and light, and with careful selection of design and fixtures, including a retractable roof, high raked ceilings and louver windows.

Nature was the main source of inspiration.

The home is complete with low environmental impact material such as Rammed Earth, Zinc, Timbers, Natural stone and Roof Shakes; a recycled roof material.


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