Choosing A Builder?

These are the things you should look out for!


 Preliminary Research

  • Examining your current home and lifestyle.
  • Find out about your likes and don’t likes.
  • Your baseline budget.
  • Choose between Project and Custom Builder.
  • Get as much information from builders to make an informed. (Look out for hidden cost and compare apples to apples.)


Choose your Builder/Designer (the most important step)


It can be a tricky decision to make, finding out if you would like your new home to be built with a Project builder or a Custom Builder. So,

we wanted to help explain the difference and offer a few things for you to consider.


VIVERE is what is referred to as a custom homebuilder. Which means we build unique, one of a kind homes that are specially designed with you in mind. We work with you to create the home that you’ve always dreamed of, on your unique block, designed and build together with YOU to YOUR budget and preferences. Generally, we choose to only construct a small number of homes per year, which allows us to offer a much more flexible and personalized service to our clients. We can help you right from the designing stage (to your budget) or we can build working from your architectural plans.


On the other hand, project homebuilders build homes from their fixed range of existing designs. These homes tend to be more mass produced and are built often in the hundreds per year. They offer few, if any, alterations to the original design; and any changes tend to come with a big price tag as it interrupts their system for them to have an individual focus.

Flexibility, choice and customer service

Project Home Builder Limited options for specification levels.

Custom Home Builder You’re in control – what you want is what you get.

Flexibility, choice and customer service are probably the biggest advantages of selecting a custom homebuilder. You’re not going to be just another number or one of the hundreds of current clients; you’ll get to know the builder personally and they’ll get to know you. They also offer the flexibility you may need throughout your build if for any reason you may change your mind about a design decision or a finish.

Layout and design

Project Home Builder Offers minimal designs and changes!

Custom Home Builder Works with you and your ideas to build a home that’s unique to you!


At VIVERE we can design the house together with you and will take your budget, family lifestyle, ideas and preferences into consideration. We also design the house to suit the block of land and use the natural aspects and elements to create a beautiful healthy climate in your home.



Project Home Builder Comparable.

Custom Home Builder Comparable Custom home builders quote each project.

individually either based on the specifications and finishes you would like or based on your budget, in which case they can offer suggestions on where you can save money. (By suggesting different design)

Options, or more affordable finishes, fixtures and materials such as tiles or carpet options).

One of the biggest differences that set custom home builders apart from project home builders is that they suit everything to the client.


Project Home Builder Standard packages with optional upgrades.

Custom Home Builder Tailor-made to suit you.

The complexity of build (sloping block, narrow block etc)

Project Home Builder Generally don’t like to do difficult blocks or charge a premium price.

Custom Home Builder Build the home you want on the block you want.


Custom home builders tend to be specialists in difficult blocks because they’ve built to all kinds of conditions and limitations prior to your project.



Project Home Builder Depends on the builder.

Custom Home Builder Depends on the builder.

From our experience, the majority of project homebuilders ‘surprise’ you on the variation costs once the build commences. This means that if you change your mind, they will charge you an excessive amount to make a profit.

When you decide to choose a cheaper or more expensive product, we adjust the price accordingly on your contract. If you wish to carry out your selections before the contract is signed then it is a fully locked in price with no need for variations.


Project Home Builder Slightly slower due to volume.

Custom Home Builder Slightly quicker due to volume.

With a project home builder, the start of your build can often be delayed in order to be slotted in after the other builds they already have starting ahead of you.

Custom home builders are much more in control of when they can begin a project and can be upfront with you about timeframes. Each project is managed more individually too, so any issues can be dealt with immediately, which helps prevent any delays once the build has begun.


The final verdict

As we mentioned, in the beginning, it’s important to do your homework before selecting a builder to build your dream home. The best piece of advice we can give is to compare apples to apples. Determine the type of home that you’d like to build and get prices for the exact same thing from your shortlist of potential builders. If you get a cheaper price from one of the builders you’re speaking to, ensure that you find out what is included or where differences in PC items are.

If you have a simple block and are happy with the display home you visited (starting with basic finishes) or brochure you flicked through in a sales office, then a project home builder may be the right choice for you. However, if you’re looking to be involved in the design of your own home – one that’s designed to your lifestyle and needs, with no hidden costs and a one on one relationship with your builder throughout your building journey – a custom home builder may be a more suitable choice.

What really sets builders apart is the entire process, the ease of the build, the relationship you develop with your builder and the flexibility to build a home that you’ll love. At VIVERE, we can guarantee individual service to suit your needs, and you’ll end up with the home you have been dreaming of – one that’s been designed with you in mind.


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