Buying a block of land? These are the things you should look out for!

Buying a House

You would like to build a block of land, but don’t know where to start. What should you pay attention to? What are the do’s and don’t? How big should the block be? And what about the orientation?

In order to be well prepared, we have put a number of points of attention for you in a row.

Buying a House

1/ The size: Has the block the ability to meet your existing and future needs. Is it big enough for the type of house you want to build with enough space for a shed, caravan, swimming pool, even    when it is later down the track?

2/ The shape: the shape can restrict you in the type of house you want to build. A corner block gives different options but might be more expensive to create privacy and security then a long narrow block.

3/ The orientation: Can you build your house with the ideal orientation in mind. Are you able to design your house on this block with use of the natural elebuying a homements of light, shade, sun and        wind to create the perfect climate inside your home.

4/ The location: Living close to everything can reduce cost in travel and improve your quality of life. Zoning for schooling or ideal family life style near bush or beach. You can also think   about potential views, health care, shopping, noise, crime rate.

5/ The site: Sloping sites are more challenging and more expensive to build on. It can also be worthwhile if therefore you have beautiful views or gardens or to create nice airflow.

Other things that are useful to know before you start building your dream home are:

– Is there an easement (no building zone) on the block to take in consideration?

– What is the soil type as that can make the price for footings more expensive.

– Check if the blocks dimensions are accurate.

– Are you in a flood zone?

– Do you have sewerage connection and is there NBN.

– Blocks that are north-south-oriented but with the road on the north side need a more specialized design to push your private open space to the front of the house rather than the back or, alternately, a courtyard configuration

Buying Land

Before you buy a lot, it is important to be well informed. If necessary, take an expert who can advise you. The most important aspect of buying a building block is your feeling: does the spot feel right? Do you see yourself living in that place? If the answer is ‘yes’, the first step towards buying is made!

Looking for a block of land is the first step in the exiting journey of building a house. Along the way there are many more questions that will rise. Follow our BLOG posts to find out more about building your dream home. Our website also has lots of information.

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