About Vivere

VIVERE is a family business where Builder and Interior Designer work together with and for you all the time, and that comes with no extra cost to you.

Frans is a hands-on builder and with his team of trustworthy tradespeople, they are small enough to care passionately about every project and large enough to ensure each job is completed to exacting standards.


We would like as many people as possible be able to feel the difference of living in a happy and healthy home.



Frans Gorrisen
Every home needs to reflect the people who live in it.”

After successfully finishing a degree in Architectural and Building Technology, Frans stepped into a third generation building company in the Netherlands.

Taking a totally hands on approach, his wealth of building experience, knowledge and craftsmanship was honed renovating historical houses. Since then, he has evolved and adapted the family business to deliver the most modern construction techniques and design to suit the Australian lifestyle.

His greatest passion is architecture and designing and building homes that are innovative and inspiring, with great functionality and comfortable to live in.

“Good design isn’t necessarily about how much you spend or which shops you go to. Often some of the best elements can be found in the most unexpected places, like your spare room or out in nature.”

Ingrid is an Interior Designer who draws on many years of creative experience bringing timeless and inviting interiors to life for her varied clientele. As a registered Interior Designer, Ingrid knows credentials matter. But she believes what matters more is her ability to connect with her clients, connect to YOU!!

Understand what’s important to you and translate your ideas into truly livable spaces. Her passion for people makes her extremely effective at finding out who you are, what you like and how you would like to live in your homes.

She loves nothing more than the chance to pull colours and fabrics together, physically push furniture around the room or even wield a hammer. Whatever it takes to create indoor and outdoor living areas that look amazing, flow logically, feel right and really work for the people she works with.


Ingrid Gorrisen

The Vivere Team

Our team is so much more than us two. We employ a dedicated and committed team of tradesmen. Our combined experience and knowledge are the engine behind your perfectly delivered home

Our employees feel the same joy and pride when we hand over a new or renovated home, and so they should be. They are an intrinsic part of Vivere Homes


29 Hennessy Drive, Dundowran, Hervey Bay, 4655

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0417 - 067 - 592

Working Hours

07:00 AM - 06:00 PM


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