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“ Our committed team at VIVERE Building-Renovating-Interiors loves to take on challenges. We offer a high capability to the beloved results, giving you a home that is unique and that you can be truly proud of.”

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13 Houses BuildWe build homes with budgets of anywhere between $200,000 and $1 million+. We can build your home to your particular budget.
Each custom build home will vary in cost based on a number of factors, including:
-the size of the build
-single or double-storey
-appliances and fixtures you choose
-the materials you build with
-the block of land; sloping or flat

14 Houses Build jpgAfter talking to you, we will be able to give you a rough estimate on how much it will cost, however for the exact price we need to complete the design of your home.




15 Houses BuildFor more info about the pricing of custom build homes, please feel free to give Frans or Ingrid a call 0n 07 4128 6845.

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How does the building process work

18 meeting jpgStep 1 A Free of charge meeting with the Builder and Interior Designer so that we can listen. We know that our total understanding of your needs drives smarter solutions. We want to find out exactly what you are looking for, ideally at the property / the site in question!

You can talk about your dream and/or wishes for you’re new to build home or renovation. We are having a chat about your family and the way you would like to live in your house. We will also investigate the block and its position.



9 Welcome to VIVERE - Creating your lifestyle 2(1)Step 2 We invite you over to our place for coffee and homemade Belgian Waffles to chat again about your wishes, design ideas and start creating Sketches with a rough price estimate to match your brief. We, your Builder and Interior Designer will help you to create new or discuss your existing building plans.

We are there together to talk functionality, innovation, style, exteriors and interiors and answer any questions you may have. We work with a 3D CAD Drawing program for you to visualise your Home, Kitchen, Bathroom etc.



Step 3 Develop the Design brief and Project proposal Provide Quotations Providing a project proposal with specification If you feel confident and exited we will go further with

Step 4 Site Investigation & Concept Design Order soil tests and surveys Get council and authority reports Develop initial concept design

Step 5 Develop Design, Specification and Tender Develop design for final presentation Provide siting and site works analysis Develop detailed specifications Develop fixed price tender

Step 6 Prepare Contract Documentation Prepare final working drawings for contract and construction Finalise Selection of fittings and fixtures Finalise (main) Colours and interiors Finalise Structural engineering & energy ratings. Prepare building contracts (Master Builders Contract) Apply for Building approvals etc.

Note: Town Planning applications time frames are hard to predict and may add 3-12 months to overall timeframes. Time frames are based on standard building approvals

Step 7 Construction On receipt of the building approval, we will commence construction ASAP. As every one of our homes is a “one off”, the construction time varies, dependent on the design and inclusions. However, a typical built time for a two-story home of between 350 to 450 square meters is approximately six to eight months.

Construction During construction, we will keep in touch with you all the time. Your builder is there to talk to, your Interior Designer will take you on exiting shopping sprees or invites you over to show you the newest material samples or Wholesale Designer only websites.

This building is a journey we take on together. We want you to be comfortable, getting what you expect from us. Should you wish to make any changes; a variation document will be raised, and signed by both parties.

Progress payments will vary from project to project. A typical project might have the following stages: Base stage, Frame stage, Lock up stage, Fixing stage and Final claim on completion.

Step 8 Taking Possession When all work is completed you will be invited to inspect your new home with us and do a ‘walk through’. When your home has reached ‘Practical Completion’ and our office has received all outstanding monies, you will be presented with all necessary warranties, certificates and of course your personal keys.

We include a six months minor defects liability period, and six and a half year structural warranty.

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Step 1: A free of charge consultation!!
We will come to your house to have a look and a chat. We get to know each other and you can tell us about your house/ plans/ room(s)/ budget/ expectation.

Step 2: Quote and scope of work
We will make you an estimate for the design/renovation work with explanation of the expected scope of work to undertake.

After acceptance of this design/renovation estimate, the real fun can start.

19 Reno






Step 3: Talk, talk, and talk

We will come to your place to even get to know you, your house, your needs, and your vision better. We’ll ask questions. You’ll ask questions.

Great design is about getting to know the people you design for. You, your house, and how you live. How many people live at home? Do you have children?

Do you have pets? When you entertain is it usually family and friends or professional peers? Are you readers? Gradually we begin to get a picture of how you live; of course you will also have questions. We will thoroughly explain the remaining steps.

We’ll discuss costs and timelines and maybe necessary permits or official drawings involved.

Step 4: Home Consultation and signing of a Renovation Building Contract (Master Builders Contract).  In this step, we visit your home again to gather more detailed information. We take measurements of your space noting electrical, plumbing, load-bearing walls, bulkheads, door swings, and so on.

SAM_4070(1)We will take photos from every angle. We determine the 'non-negotiable' and better understand the context – the architectural style and detail of the house, the flow of the space, the natural light, and the interior style in other parts of the house.




We’ll note the pieces you already have – forgotten, perhaps – that can be re-finished or re-purposed. The photos, measurements, and information we gather in the Home Consultation prepare us for Step5: the Plan View.

Step 5: Plan View
cad drawing-smallWe create scaled preliminary plans from the room(s) involved. It is important to understand that this Plan View is a proposal. At this stage, we can easily adjust. It is the designer’s and the builder’s job to suggest alternative ways to achieve an aesthetic objective within the limitations of a project, whether it be space, timeline, or budget. Understanding what won't work is as important as knowing what will.

With our Plan View in place, we now have a decisive list to prepare us for Step 6;  the Design Presentation.

Step 6: Design presentation with quotation

In this step we develop a cohesive palette of colours, materials, textures, build and finish details. We also will hand over quotes from Trade Professionals that are going to be involved in the renovation like plumbers, electricians etc. At this stage we will discuss with you what needs to be done and who is doing what; - select, source, order/purchase appliances etc.

We have our own trustworthy team of trade’s people that we work with all the time. This way you can be assured getting the best quality, price and service for the work that needs to be done.

Step 7:  Work, work, and work

Work, work, work in a tightly managed timeframe to deliver a renovation outcome that serves its owners for many years to come, the result of the effort and hard work that began when you first told us about the room(s) that you have been dreaming about.

Step 8: Final Presentation

This is the final step, and certainly the most exciting!  The Builder plus Interior Designer, and, depending on the job, maybe Electrician, Plumber, Painter, Cabinet maker, Plasterer, Termite specialist, Water proofer, Glazier, Concreter etc., have all been working to help creating your Dream………….designed just for you.

Everything you are expecting, as outlined in the Design Presentation, will be delivered in time and to your budget.  The most exiting thing is to see it all coming together. It can be hard to give us that trust, while you were maybe doubting if it was the perfect piece of fabric for curtains, pendant light or tiles. But…. when you see it all coming together, you know why we choose what we choose.

It will all be the way you where expecting it to be and …. Even better 

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Step 1  A FREE of CHARGE meeting to discuss what you are looking for, ideally at the property in question! It gives you an opportunity to find out, if we are the right people for your job. 

You can talk about your dreams, wishes for your room(s), kitchen, bathroom etc. We are having a chat about your family, hobbies, and the way you would like to live in your house.

Step 2  When we have an idea of who you are and what you would like us to do, we will make you a QUOTATION FOR INTERIOR DESIGN with a clear description of the Services.

When you decide to go ahead, we can continue with a detailed brief-meeting, in which we ask you lots of questions about your likes and dislikes of colours, textures, materials, typical use of the rooms to be designed, who uses the room, your budget, time scales and the scope of the works. You may just wish to do one room at a time, or your entire home.

You may just need a window treatment or spice up your al fresco dining area.

Depending on the job, we can send you a questionnaire prior to the briefing, so you can start thinking about it. And if you have any images you like, any fabric samples etc., then this would be the time to reveal them.

Following this briefing;

Step 3  We will prepare A PROPOSAL, which details exactly, what we have understood and what we are proposing to do and how much it will be.

The fee proposal will be broken down into:

The interior design fee:

This covers layout and planning, sourcing of furniture, fabrics, wall coverings, flooring, acquisition of samples and initial design drawings and sample boards, also referred to as mood boards.

Interior Design vivere homes

The “ shopping list”

A summary of all items sourced with costs and suppliers.

Building and Decorating Specifications

This list details the works required by contractors and can be used for quotation purposes and to guide the activities of the contractor during the project itself. We can use our reliable trade contacts or you can use your own.

Sourcing of goods21 jpg


We will search high and low to find the perfect pieces, furnishings and finishes for you. This can be very time consuming and by contracting us to do it for you, you may not only save time, but we are usually be able to negotiate preferential rates for you.

We have access to Whole Sale Suppliers for Designers only.



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6 reasons why you should choose a custom designed home

We are well aware that it is hard to make that decision and that’s why we would like to explain our point of view:

“ We are strong believers that your home influences general health and happiness; and therefore it is extremely important that your home is designed to suit your taste, lifestyle and budget.”

Your house is going to be planned to suit the block of land. The design of the house and the size will feel natural on the block.  Layout / floor plans can be made to incorporate privacy etc. All natural elements can be maximised to benefit livability and reduce ongoing electricity and maintenance cost.

You may be surprised by how competitive the price of a custom designed home can be. It is an advantage to create your home to meet your exact needs instead of having to take fixtures and fittings that come with the package.

Your house will be a one of; totally individual and the attention to every little detail throughout the Design and Build will be noticeable.

With our wealth of knowledge in sustainable building, star ratings and starting the build from scratch, we can implement eco friendly materials and use the block to full potential of all natural elements.

Natural light, passive heating and cooling, water wise plumbing design… the possibilities are endless and open for discussion.

5/. MODERN FLOOR PLANS; Designed to the newest idea’s
Building your house around “great rooms”, allows the family’s kitchen, living and dining spaces to come together in the heart of the HOME, designing to family interaction and contact. These spaces typically have many windows, filling them with natural light. A floor plan for an air-conditioned house is totally different to a house with natural airflow. How do you like to live, what do you prefer?

A Custom designed home will be exactly the way you want it to be!  Designed for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

We couldn’t have done it without you! 

There is no greater feeling of admiration and pride than when you walk into your custom designed home for the very first time. You can take ownership in the space, as it is one you helped design that expresses your own personal lifestyle and tastes.

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Cost effective design <br />
Vivere Homes Cost effective design

At VIVERE we are passionate about what we do and are honest in our advise.

The main thing is that straight from the beginning you have to be open to us, your Builder and Designer, and trust that we have the same outcome in mind. A beautiful, quality, personal home designed and build to your budget. 


We are there to guide you in spending your money there where you or the design benefits most from it or in case of a renovation, the often most effected area’s.

The key is talking about your wishes and dreams and being realistic about what can and can’t be done. We are there to help and guide you to an extraordinary outcome.

Working together is the key part in this aspect. 

“Your dream home can be made in a cost-effective design or using less expensive materials that still maintain the size and style you’ve always wished for.” 

Click Here For Where Do I Start Finding Out What Our Dream Home Should Look Like.

-Start by looking at your existing house and write down the likes and don’t likes

-List all furniture you like to reuse with measurements

-Gather photo’s from houses and rooms out of magazines or online.

Make a Display Folder/Board to show, discuss and re-think.

-Look at display homes. Write down all likes and dislikes in layout, style, etc.

You will see that it starts to make sense to build Custom Design because you can have it totally the way it works for you and your family and its design to your unique taste.

-Open for inspections Real Estate

-Talk to your Builder and Interior Designer.

What materials can I use

Wrapped in zinc, bath room Vivere HomesGenerally speaking, you can use whatever material you want. At VIVERE we pride ourselves in BUILDING or RENOVATING with a difference with use of diverse materials and techniques.


Wrapped in zinc, bath room Vivere HomesWrapped in zinc, bath room We like to take the environment in consideration and to use eco responsible products and materials.

Not all materials suit each other so if you have something in mind, we can sit around the table and look at option and possibilities.

using innovative materials vivere HomesIt is important to note that the materials and techniques used in your home will have an effect on the price of the build using innovative materials vivere Homes Expensive materials or techniques like COPPER, will naturally increase the cost.”

If you really like the product and design, we can endeavour to get another aspect of the design in a cheaper product to even out the end price.

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