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"Energy Efficiency Starts At The Beginning Of The Design Process"

Our Home is part of our living environment. The healthier your living environment, the better it is.

 Retractable roof construction  VIVERE Homes

Retractable roof construction

An energy efficient home is designed to deliver maximum comfort to the people that live in there by making the most of free natural heating, cooling and lighting and utilising efficient design principles and building materials to reduce the need for appliances.

Energy efficient homes cost no more to build then conventional homes and are more comfortable and easier to maintain, have reduced energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

Orientation and location of the home on the block, is really important *layout and zoning -insulation for your home *glazing - windows, skylights and other glazed surfaces * Shading * Landscaping * Ventilation and Draught proofing * Thermal Mass

“When your house feels like your home, you feel good, happier and therefore healthier. All this improves quality family living and the way everybody interacts with each other.

indoor garden bed Vivere Homes

clean air - indoor garden bed

Sometimes already with little adjustments you can improve the functionality, livability and presentation of your home.”

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